Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru Volume 02

When Golden Week ends, each day starts to get hotter than the last. It's also when students with too much free time on their hands cause huge commotions, which makes the days feel hotter than they need to be. I may be the cool, hard‐ boiled type, but I'm also ridiculously weak against the heat. And so, in my search for somewhere just a bit cooler, I turned to uncharted waters.

The normal human body temperature is 36°C. Going by that number, hanging out with other people makes it less of a midsummer day and more like a day in a furnace. Not even I am capable of coping with such high humidity and temperature.

Cats do the same thing, you know? They go to a secluded place when it’s hot. Out of my sheer desire to defend myself against the heat, I also aimed for somewhere without human presence. Mind you, it wasn’t as if I felt uncomfortable in class or thought I didn’t fit in or anything ‐ nothing like that at all.

This was an act of instinct ‐ or, to put it more bluntly, my classmates who don’t do the same fail as living beings. They gather in herds because they’re weak. You see, only feeble creatures form groups out of instinct. Herbivores cluster together so that they can sacrifice one of their own when they’re attacked by carnivores, and my classmates are no different. They munch on the grass with innocent looks on their faces as their friends get eaten up.

So, yeah. Strong animals don’t gather in herds or anything like that. Do they not know the expression “a lone wolf”? Cats are cute and wolves are cool. In other words, loners are cute and cool.

As those inconsequential thoughts took on an air of importance in my head, I kept moving my feet. My destination: the stairs to the roof. The route was cluttered with desks, so a single person could only just squeeze through.

If it was a normal day, then the door to the roof should have been locked tightly. But today, the padlock was opened and swaying in place. I guessed that some people from another class had gone to the roof to show off and make asses of themselves ‐ you know that saying about smoke, fools and high places?

My first impulse at times like this was to show them up by stacking three desks and two chairs to block their way. My ability to take action made me awesome as usual. How manly. Kyaa. Make love to me.

But then I realised that it was awfully quiet past the door. How strange. As far as I knew, male and female riajuu both hated silence. It’s the same concept as animals being afraid of fire. They interpret silence as boring, so in order to convince themselves that they’re not boring people, they talk and squawk and jabber on. On the other hand, when they’re talking to me, they swallow their boredom and appeal to me with silence. I wondered what that silence really meant… no, it’s not what you think ‐ I prefer the quiet.

From this serene silence, it really seemed as if none of those riajuu were up there. Could it be that no one was there at all?

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