Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru Volume 07

Chapter 1: Even so, Hachiman Hikigaya will spend his school life in peace 

Aren’t girls cuter when they choose to be lightly dressed over being heavily dressed? That train of thought indicated that it was about time for that kind of season.

The school festival ended and the sports festival finished without issue. The year will be at its end in a little less than two months.

The hot weather cooled down at short moment’s notice and what followed were not cool winds, but freezing ones. For this school that was erected on the coast, it was all the more expected.

Something else worth mentioning was that my surroundings were just as cold.

The space around my seat, which was smack-dab in the middle of class, akin to the eye of the typhoon, mirrored an isolated vacuum that nobody dared to approach. Maybe it was a special trait of Japanese people, but they do love their edges and corners. When you’re riding the train or bus, you’d want to sit at those spots. Give Edge-chan and Corner-chan a personality and you’ll find them to be quite popular.

Because of that, the immediate vicinity of my seat that was situated in the heart of class was all but empty.

It’s the same as usual. What was different was what the stares conveyed.

It wasn’t that they were being oblivious, but that they were deliberately giving gazes that screamed out “wait, what, you were there?”. Stares that shot in my direction for a split moment and then they'd look like they were about to burst into laughter, those kinds of stares.

When I surveyed the room to pinpoint the origin of these stares, our gazes would meet.

That exchange was something that would warrant me to look the other way, also known as the Hikigaya style.

With that being said, it was normal for them to avert their gaze.

That was how it was up until now.

But, now that they were in a position of superiority, that wasn't the case. In fact, after our eyes met for a full two seconds, they’d sneer to themselves “he’s totally looking our way (lol)”, “what’s with him (lol)”, “gross (lol)”; these stylish jokes went back and forth in their witty conversations.

You know, I’m feeling a little like Panda-chan. No, maybe that’s a little too much. Maybe a wooper looper and a sea monkey might be better. Oh dear, what’s with these lovable creatures? Both disgusting and cute fellows, aren’t they?

…Well, I need this much encouragement or else I think my heart just might break a little.

Though, I’m sure you’d cry yourself to sleep late at night when you find that there’s definitely something missing over at the edge. Speaking of the hardness of super humans, diamonds, myself being of diamond-level class, are quite resistant to scratches, but can actually easily be crushed by a hammer. Someone claimed diamonds couldn’t be destroyed. That’s a lie.

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