Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru Volume 09

Chapter 0: Be that as it may, that room continues to enact its unending every day

The wind was tapping against the window. With the sea nearby and the lack of tall buildings in the area, the wind continued blowing against the building without dying out.

The sound attracted my attention as I reflexively looked outside the window.

The trees with dropping leaves trembled and clouds of dust floated in the dry wind. The scattered passers-by rose up their colors and sporadic passers-by had the collars of their coats stretched up and their shoulders ducked in as they walked.

Winter had finally made its way to this school as well. Even though the same season was supposed to have come last year, I never knew how cold this blowing wind was.

Mingled in the noise of the wind were several voices.

“See, it’s like super dry right now right? So when Yumiko brought in a small humidifier, it was really puffing during class. And like recently, the USJ… USA? Or whatever, can give you electricity. You know, that thing!”

Yuigahama would mix in body and hand gestures while casually moving her body as she energetically talked. Yukinoshita would look at her with a smile and nod responsively to her.

“I see. That must be convenient.”

Yukinoshita normally wasn’t the talkative type, so a short response like that wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. But that smile was something I just couldn’t look directly at.

I slowly removed my gaze from the floor. Ahead of me were Yuigahama’s feet which turned in my direction.

“I know right! So I thought maybe we could get one for the room. Right, Hikki? …Hikki?”

It was likely her entire body was facing my way. Yuigahama asked me again, prompting me for a reply. Because I was absorbed in my own thoughts, my response was slightly late. To fill up that gap, after I intentionally let out a resigned sigh, I answered.

“…I’m listening. It’s USB. Why do we need to get electricity from an American place like that?”

“Ah, that’s it!”

Yuigahama clapped her hands and answered. And without waiting for neither my or Yukinoshita’s response, she quickly continued.

“Cellphones nowadays can be charged by connecting to that USB thing or whatever, it’s like super convenient, see~. And like recently, my battery tends to die out really fast too!”

Yuigahama continued the conversation and after that, she jumped to a topic about the new cellphone models.

Thanks to that, the conversation carried on without so much as a pause. However, only her words had continuity as the topic and the things that should have been at the heart of those words didn’t.

But was it because of the trees that peeked in from outside of the window, shaken by the freezing wind that I thought it looked like a drift ice from afar? If I took one step off the right path, it felt like I would sink deep into the depths.

Although the room didn’t have a calendar, I didn’t need to check to see what the date was. Checking the date slightly resembled counting down the remaining years of your life.

We were already halfway into December. Just a little over two weeks and it would be the New Year. This year was going to end.

Everything would end and you wouldn’t be able to take them back to those days.

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