Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sword Art Online Volume 08 - Early and Late

Chapter 1 

Just what’s with her, this girl?

Well, sure, the one who said “The weather’s so nice, so why don’t you go take a nap” was indeed me, the one who laid down on the grass to demonstrate those words was also me, and of course the one who carelessly fell asleep was me yet again.

But to think that just by taking a short nap of slightly less than thirty minutes, I would open my eyes to find her soundly asleep right next to me. There should be a limit to how much someone can exceed my expectations. I don’t know whether to think this as boldness, stubbornness, or maybe —— it was simply a lack of sleep?

Just what is with this. Shaking my head left and right with that thought of utter helplessness expressed on my face, I stared at the beautifully dignified face of the rapier user Asuna «The Flash» —— the sub-leader of the guild “Knights of the Blood”, lightly breathing as she slept.

The story started when I, having lost my mood to go into the gloomy labyrinth area with how good the weather was, planned to spend the whole day counting butterflies at the small knolls surrounding the teleport gate in the main town.

The weather was truly splendid. The virtual floating city Aincrad’s four seasons is synchronized with reality, but the degree of accuracy in the replication is really overly rigorous, with the summers
hot without fail daily, and the winters cold as they are supposed to be.

In addition to temperature, there are also rain and wind, moisture, dust level, and even swarms of insects included as parameters for the climate. Usually, if one of the parameters was good, you can expect another to be horrible.

But today was different. The temperature was mildly warm, genial rays of sunlight permeated through the air, the gentle breeze blew constantly, yet not overly so, and to top it all off, no weird insects appeared. Even if it was spring, having this many parameters for the climate set at good values is an event that occurs no more than five times a year.

The digital god was probably rewarding me for the hardships I endured whilst clearing the front lines, and wanted me to lie down for a nice nap. Understanding this, I was about to follow his will but ——

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