Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sword Art Online Volume 07 - Mother's Rosario


“— Asuna, have you heard of «Zekken»?”

Hearing Lisbeth’s voice, Asuna stopped typing and looked up.

“A player’s number? Are you starting a sports competition?”

“No, no.” Lisbeth shook her head and smiled. She drank a little from the steaming mug on the table and continued.

“It’s kanji, not katakana. It’s written with zetsu(絶) from zettai(絶 対) and ken(剣) from sword, Absolute Sword.”

“Absolute... Sword. Is that a new rare equipment or something?”
“No, no. It’s a person’s name. A nickname... or alias, so to speak.

Nobody knows the character’s real name. Anyway, Absolute Sword is very strong. We don’t know who started using this name, but this person eventually ended up being known as Absolute Sword.

Absolutely invincible sword, peerless sword... I guess that’s what it means.”
Very strong. It really piqued Asuna’s interest when she heard this.

It goes without saying that she was really confident of her sword technique. As an Alfheim Online player, she chose to be an Undine which focuses on supporting with healing magic, but her previous hot-bloodedness would occasionally arise leading her to unsheathe her rapier and charge into enemy formations. Thus, she got a completely inelegant nickname like ‘Berserk Healer’.

She actively participates in every month’s tournament. Having been accustomed to ALO’s three-dimensional battles, Asuna is on par with other strong players like the Salamander General Eugene and the Sylph Lord Sakuya. It’s impossible for her to disregard a new strong player’s appearance.
After saving her completed biology report, Asuna closed her virtual keyboard, picked up the mug next to her and filled it with hot tea with a tap of her finger. She sunk into the wooden chair which grew out of the floorboards and got into a position where she can listen seriously.

“And...? This Absolute Sword, what is this person like?”
“Let me think...”

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