Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sword Art Online Volume 04 - Fairy Dance


Looking up, there were many lights shining beyond the dim sky.

Those were not stars. They were countless icicles that hung from the vast ceiling and emitted a faint phosphorescence contained inside them. In other words, this was the bottom of a cave, and its size was the problem.

The distance to the faraway towering cliffs was, in real world distance, probably 30 kilometers. The lowest height till the ceiling was 500 meters. A countless number of carved cliffs and ravines, frozen-
white lakes and snowy mountains, and fortress and castle-like structures could be seen at its bottom.
With that, the scale of the cave was unbelievable. This underground space, no, it should be called the «Underworld».

Actually, it was just that. This was another field that filled the undergrounds of the fairy world, Alfheim, a dark world of ice and snow, ruled by dreadful evil-god-class monsters. Its name is ——


Chapter 5


Lyfa, a swordswoman of the Sylph race, quickly covered her mouth with both hands after letting out an explosive, unladylike sneeze.

She stared out toward the entrance of the shrine, afraid that the evil-god had heard her and would poke its huge face in.

Fortunately, the only thing that floated in was the falling snow. As the snow neared the fire burning on the floor of the shrine, it turned into a puff of steam and disappeared.

Lyfa crouched down by the back wall while scratching the thick fur collar of her mantle.

Sighing, Lyfa began to warm herself at the nearby fire. She felt more comfortable and soon found herself nodding off to sleep.

The small stone shrine they were in was about four meters in length, width and height. The walls and ceiling were decorated with reliefs of eerie monsters that seemed to move in the firelight; it wasn’t
the most comfortable interior. As her gaze turned to the side, Lyfa caught sight of her companion reclining against the wall, beginning to doze off, his peaceful—or foolish—face nodding up and down like a ship bobbing in the harbor.

“Hey, wake—”

While whispering, Lyfa pulled his sharply pointed ear. The only reply was a mumble that sounded like “munyamunya”. On his lap was another companion, a pixie, sleeping soundly while curled in a ball.

“Hey, if you fall asleep, you’ll log out!”

She pulled his ear again. Doing this made his head end up on her thighs, his head rolling around as if looking for a comfortable position.

Lyfa’s body stiffened in mortification, her hands clenching futilely as she wondered what method to attempt next to wake him.

It isn’t surprising that he is falling asleep though, she realized as she looked to the lower-right of her field of vision. After all, it is past 2:00 AM in the real world. Normally, Lyfa would already have logged out and been soundly asleep in her bed.

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